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BYO Activities and Benefits

Membership Activities

Jam and Rehearsal Sessions

  • Regularly Scheduled Public Jam Sessions
  • Member Sponsored Home Jam Sessions
  • Different Musical Styles
  • Multiple Public Venues


  • Perform for Charitable Organizations
  • Provide entertainment

Networking Events and Seminars

  • Business Meetings and Symposiums
  • Luncheons, Evening, and Happy Hour Events
  • Educational and Musically Motivated Series

Other Membership Benefits

  • Members Only Website
  • Electronic Newsletters, Videos and Communications
  • Membership Directory and Electronic Search
  • Participation in Organizational Surveys
  • Access to Electronic Song Sheet Libraries
  • Member Discounted Event Fees
  • Genre Groups, Clubs and Projects
  • And Best of All... Your Own Official BYO T-Shirt!

BYO The Movie

BYO Mission Statement

“BYO is a networking organization comprised of business professionals who are also performing musicians. Our mission is to build valuable connections, perform music together and use our musical talents to support charitable causes.

BYO Musicians?

Yeah, that’s what we said too! I mean, who ever heard of a business association composed of… musicians? 

When the simple suggestion was made, “Hey, you know what? You should create an organization composed of businessmen that also happen to be musicians.” it immediately occurred to us the brainiac behind this idea was clueless on the nature of our hobby. Didn’t she know that we’re a secret society? In business circles, you might ask if someone plays golf or tennis, but who walks up in a suit and tie, hands over their business card, and asks, “Do you happen to play a tuba? I play trombone, that guy over there plays a saxophone, and we desperately need a tuba player for the project we’re working on.”

But as crazy as the idea sounded, we couldn’t get it out of our heads… maybe it’s time we did!

During our numerous meetings to flesh out what such an organization might look like, and knee deep in formation docs, it occurred to us that if we assemble all this great talent, we should also put it to good use. There are unlimited ways by which members of BYO Musicians do this, but the easiest example is we donate our time and talent by performing for charitable organizations in their fund raising and awareness events.

If you’re a businessman with a musical talent, or a charitable organization that could use that talent, reach out to us today!

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