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Upcoming events

    • 11/21/2019
    • 6:30 PM - 11:00 PM
    • Six Springs Tavern 147 N Plano Rd, Richardson, TX 75081

    BYO All Hands Jam             

    Let's Rock Out BYO! Round up some fellow members and put your stuff on stage. There will be room in the schedule for some Open Jam Time. Stay tuned to your email for the next message about the this month's Jam.  For BYO Members who want to play in Open Jam, SIGN UP HERE.

    Jam Master: Len Musgrove 214-354-1524

    Set Leaders so are:

    • Pam Musgrove 
    • Stan Bradshaw
    • Richard Johnson
    • Chris Bangma
    • Jim Martin
    • Fred Doyle

    • 12/12/2019
    • 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM
    • VNYL, 5800 Legacy Drive, Suite C-11, Plano, TX 75024

    BYO Christmas Rocks!

    Christmas Rocks is BYO's yearly Christmas party and fundraising event. We will be entertained by various musical sets from our own BYO friends. This is an open event, please bring as many friends as you want - No RSVP required.  

    This year BYO will be supporting Music Meets Medicine as our charity via a host of silent auction items. Music Meets Medicine is a non-profit organization that donates instruments and teaching time to teenagers being treated in children’s hospitals. Music Meets Medicine supplies these teenagers with free music lessons and makes instruments available 24/7. This gives them the opportunity to continue developing their identity, find some independence in a time of dependence, and achieve a sense of accomplishment.

    We can't wait to see you there! 

    (PS. If you have auction items you want to donate, please contact Brad Bush at!)

    • 01/15/2020
    • 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

    2019 BYO Kickoff All-Member meeting & Dinner Party

    HOLD THE DATE - JANUARY 15, 2020

    All BYO members should plan to attend. Mark your calendar. This is a dinner party for all dues-paying BYO members and your guest/significant other. Event begins at 6:30 pm and will end by 9:30 pm. There will be a brief presentation then fantastic dinner for all. For members this event is FREE, included in your dues.  

    2020 plans, review of 2019, a little committee news . . . then we get down to dinner and socializing with all your great BYO friends and their better halves. 

    We want to see all of our members there. Please plan to come and enjoy the free dinner on BYO.

    Meeting (including dinner for you and your guest and new 2020 edition BYO t-shirt) is free for BYO members, $25 for dinner for all others (cash only please). BYO fans and friends are welcome, you just have to pay for your dinner, that's all. 

Past events

10/31/2019 BYO Acoustic Jam
10/17/2019 BYO Blues Jam
10/15/2019 BYO Busician Breakfast
09/28/2019 BYO Flash Jam for Charity
09/26/2019 BYO All Hands Jam
09/17/2019 BYO Busician Breakfast
08/29/2019 BYO Acoustic Jam
08/20/2019 BYO Busician Breakfast
07/25/2019 BYO All Hands Jam
07/16/2019 BYO Busician Breakfast
07/13/2019 BYO Flash Jam for Charity
06/27/2019 BYO Acoustic Jam
06/18/2019 BYO Busician Breakfast
06/13/2019 BYO Blues Jam
05/30/2019 BYO All Hands Jam
05/21/2019 BYO Busician Breakfast
05/11/2019 BYO Flash Jam for Charity
04/25/2019 BYO Acoustic Jam
04/16/2019 BYO Busician Breakfast
04/11/2019 BYO Blues Jam
04/07/2019 BYO Busician - Special Event H&M Distillery
03/30/2019 BYO Flash Jam for Charity
03/28/2019 BYO All Hands Jam
03/19/2019 BYO Busician Breakfast
02/28/2019 BYO Acoustic Jam
02/19/2019 BYO Busician Breakfast
02/13/2019 BYO Blues Jam
01/31/2019 BYO All Hands Jam
12/06/2018 BYO Christmas Rocks!
11/29/2018 BYO Acoustic Jam
11/20/2018 Sarah Blaskovich, guest speaker, BYO Busician Breakfast
11/08/2018 BYO Blues Jam
10/25/2018 BYO All Hands Jam
09/29/2018 BYO Flash Jam for Charity
09/27/2018 BYO Acoustic Jam
09/26/2018 BYO Busician Gigs & Rigs Social Happy Hour
09/18/2018 BYO Breakfast-Meet Doug Fenn of Dogger and Muddy Music Show
09/13/2018 BYO Blues Jam
08/30/2018 BYO All Hands Jam
08/18/2018 BYO Private amp clinic at Sweetone Music
07/26/2018 BYO Acoustic Jam
07/17/2018 BYO Busician Breakfast- home recording
07/01/2018 BYO Informal House Jam - Member Meet Up and Play
06/28/2018 BYO All Hands Jam
06/14/2018 BYO Blues Jam
05/31/2018 BYO All Hands Jam
05/19/2018 BYO Charity Performance
05/17/2018 Cool Thursdays BYO Night at the Aboretum
05/15/2018 BYO Busician Breakfast-"Why We Do What We Do"
04/28/2018 BYO Flash Jam for Charity
04/26/2018 BYO Acoustic Jam
04/17/2018 BYO Busician Breakfast - SONGWRITING
03/29/2018 BYO All Hands Jam
03/20/2018 BYO Busician Breakfast
03/08/2018 BYO Blues Jam
03/01/2018 BYO Special Workshop
02/27/2018 BYO Busician Breakfast
02/24/2018 BYO Flash Jam for Charity
02/22/2018 BYO Acoustic Jam
01/25/2018 BYO All Hands Jam
01/16/2018 BYO Busician Breakfast
12/14/2017 BYO Christmas Rocks!
11/30/2017 NEW LOCATION-BYO Acoustic Jam
11/21/2017 BYO Busician Breakfast-Bradley Prakope, recording engineer
11/16/2017 BYO Busician Gigs & Rigs Social Happy Hour
11/11/2017 Rockin' The Flock
11/10/2017 BYO Blues Jam
11/09/2017 3rd Annual Veterans Day Celebration
10/26/2017 BYO All Hands Jam
10/21/2017 BYO Charity Performance
10/19/2017 Cool Thursdays BYO Night at the Aboretum
10/17/2017 BYO Busician Breakfast- "Making the Big Stage"
09/28/2017 NEW LOCATION-BYO Acoustic Jam
09/19/2017 BYO Busician Breakfast
08/31/2017 BYO All Hands Jam
08/17/2017 BYO Blues Jam
08/15/2017 BYO Busician Breakfast
07/27/2017 BYO All Hands Jam
07/08/2017 House Jam - Member Meet Up and Play
06/29/2017 BYO Acoustic Jam
06/20/2017 BYO Busician Breakfast
06/08/2017 Cool Thursdays BYO Night at the Aboretum
05/26/2017 Acoustic Evening at Four Bullets Brewery
05/25/2017 BYO All Hands Jam
05/16/2017 BYO Busician Breakfast
05/04/2017 Private BYO event - Taylor Guitars at Tone Shop Guitars
04/29/2017 BYO Flash Jam for Charity
04/27/2017 BYO Blues Jam
04/18/2017 BYO Busician Breakfast
04/15/2017 Acoustic Afternoon at Four Bullets Brewery
04/04/2017 BYO Busician Gigs & Rigs Social Happy Hour
03/30/2017 BYO All Hands Jam
03/21/2017 BYO Busician Breakfast
02/23/2017 BYO Acoustic Jam
02/21/2017 BYO Busician Breakfast
02/04/2017 BYO Flash Jam for Charity
01/26/2017 BYO All Hands Jam
01/24/2017 BYO Busician Breakfast
01/14/2017 2017 BYO Kickoff Meeting and Dinner Party
12/17/2016 BYO Holiday Flash Jam for Charity
12/15/2016 BYO Christmas Rocks!
12/14/2016 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
11/22/2016 BYO All Hands Jam
11/17/2016 Guest Speaker Announced-BYO Busician Breakfast
11/09/2016 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
10/29/2016 BYO Flash Jam for Charity
10/27/2016 BYO Acoustic Jam-NEW LOCATION
10/20/2016 BYO Busician Breakfast-Michael Brandenberger as Guest Speaker
10/13/2016 BYO Night at the Aboretum
10/12/2016 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
09/29/2016 BYO All Hands Jam
09/22/2016 BYO Busician Breakfast-Home Recording demonstration
09/14/2016 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
09/13/2016 BYO Busician Gigs & Rigs Social Happy Hour
08/25/2016 BYO All Hands Jam
08/18/2016 Home Recording - BYO Busician Breakfast
08/13/2016 BYO Flash Jam for Charity
08/10/2016 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
07/28/2016 BYO All Hands Jam
07/21/2016 BYO Busician Breakfast
07/14/2016 BYO Acoustic Jam
07/13/2016 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
06/30/2016 BYO All Hands Jam
06/18/2016 Member Meet Up and Jam day
06/08/2016 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
05/26/2016 BYO All Hands Jam
05/17/2016 BYO Busician Breakfast
05/12/2016 BYO Blues Jam
05/11/2016 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
04/28/2016 BYO All Hands Jam
04/21/2016 BYO Busician Gigs & Rigs Social Happy Hour
04/19/2016 BYO Busician Breakfast
04/14/2016 NEW Location! - BYO Acoustic Jam
04/13/2016 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
03/31/2016 NEW LOCATION - BYO All Hands Jam
03/15/2016 BYO Busician Breakfast
03/14/2016 BYO Committee leader Meeting
03/09/2016 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
03/03/2016 Private BYO event at Tone Shop Guitars
02/27/2016 BYO All-Member Meeting
02/25/2016 BYO All Hands Jam
02/16/2016 BYO Busician Breakfast
02/13/2016 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
01/30/2016 New Member Meet Up and Play
01/28/2016 BYO All Hands Jam
01/19/2016 BYO Busician Breakfast
01/07/2016 BYO Acoustic Jam
12/12/2015 BYO Annual Christmas Party & Yuletide Jam
12/09/2015 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
11/20/2015 BYO Concert night - Tommy Emmanuel
11/17/2015 BYO Busician Breakfast
11/11/2015 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
11/05/2015 BYO Acoustic Jam
10/29/2015 BYO All Hands Jam
10/20/2015 BYO Busician Breakfast
09/24/2015 BYO All Hands Jam
09/22/2015 BYO Busician Breakfast
09/10/2015 BYO Blues Jam
09/09/2015 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
08/27/2015 BYO All Hands Jam
08/18/2015 BYO Busician Breakfast
08/12/2015 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
08/08/2015 New Member Meet Up and Play
07/30/2015 BYO All Hands Jam
07/23/2015 BYO Acoustic Jam
07/21/2015 BYO Busician Breakfast-bring a guest
07/08/2015 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
06/25/2015 BYO All Hands Jam
06/16/2015 BYO Busician Breakfast
06/10/2015 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
06/07/2015 Rotary Grand Prix Party
05/28/2015 BYO All Hands Jam
05/21/2015 BYO Blues Jam
04/30/2015 BYO All Hands Jam
04/21/2015 BYO Busician Breakfast
04/16/2015 BYO Acoustic Jam
04/08/2015 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
03/26/2015 BYO All Hands Jam
03/17/2015 BYO Busician Breakfast
03/12/2015 BYO Blues Jam
03/11/2015 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
02/26/2015 BYO All Hands Jam
02/17/2015 BYO Board of Directors Meeting
02/17/2015 BYO Busician Breakfast
02/11/2015 Steve McGregor Benefit
01/29/2015 BYO All Hands Jam
01/20/2015 BYO Busician Breakfast
01/15/2015 BYO Busician Gigs & Rigs Social Happy Hour
01/08/2015 BYO Acoustic Jam
12/16/2014 BYO Busician Breakfast
12/13/2014 BYO Annual Christmas Party & Acoustic Jam
11/20/2014 BYO All Hands Jam
11/18/2014 BYO Busician Breakfast
11/14/2014 BYO Blues Jam
10/30/2014 BYO All Hands Jam
06/01/1990 1990 Annual Meeting

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