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    Note: I could not find how or where to start a new Blog Entry. Or how to edit the sample blog entry. Whoever figured out how to get that first blog posted please contact me. I'm posting this in the comments section to get it out there.

    Hi Everybody,

    I'm new, I'm Rick and I like playing guitar and singing. I am trying to figure out the best way to "fit in". I'm old so I know a lot of 70s and 80s songs and some newer ones. I like to think the ones I choose to play have staying power.

    I'm looking for one or two guitar players (one lead) and a bass player (it would be great to have other singers who could lead songs too - I'm happy to play rhythm/lead back-up) to get together and work up a set of 5 or 6 acoustic intermediate songs for the next Acoustic Jam. Songs like "Aimee", "Shower the People", "Keep On Truckin'", "Wild Horses" or "Deal".

    I guess this post is for anyone (young or old; new or experienced) who hasn't already teamed up with other players that's interested in getting together to play a few times so we can have a slot at the next Acoustic Jam.

    I don't even know if this post is appropriate. But I'll put this out there and see. I travel sometimes so I'll miss the breakfast next week.

    My email is I'm giving this a shot - wish me luck. Finger-crossed.

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    Actually the way this page is set up you can only link or reply
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